When we are no longer able to change a situation - we are challenged to change ourselves. Viktor Frankl

Classes held at The Open Space: a community movement space.

A space for us to gather, learn, and share through dance, and other creative movement happenings.  

When engaging in body oriented inquiry we engage in a process:

  • relaxation, release of tension and increased presence in the body.

  • Coming into the body: through the physical body, sensation, breath and imagery.

  • Engage in a release movement to allow for new movement to emerge.

  • Increased awareness and integration through image making, free associative writing and coming back into movement.

Dorit Osher, MA, MSW, RSW, teaches, trains and facilitates classes, workshops, trainings and retreats.


How can I begin anything new with all of yesterday in me
— ― Leonard Cohen, Beautiful Losers

Achieve greater insight, expression and aliveness through movement and awakening sensations of the body.  Your body is an alive and responsive feedback system.  when you begin to allow it to open and give it permission, you open up many more possibilities.  

Once you feel seen you don’t want to leave. This retreat changed me in profound ways. Not in feeling good for a short while but giving myself space and time within a compassionate, creative and non judgmental environment. I discovered and revealed many aspects of myself and began feel more kindness and acceptance.”
— Past Retreat Participant
I am body through and through, nothing more; and the soul is just a word for something in the body.
— Nietzsche

Upcoming Retreats

When we allow ourselves to feel, even pain, we open opportunities to change and heal.  However, the self continues to want to protect from pain so we hold, control and engage the sympathetic nervous system through anxiety, panic, chronic pain, dissociation and so on.    Beyond Movement retreats and workshops are unique healing and educational opportunities to reorganize the psychic system through the body and creativity as the guide.

Try a workshop or retreat to experience movement-based creative arts.